Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques

The Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques (ITTIG) belongs to the Italian National Research Council. It conducts research in the field of legal informatics and information technology law. The Institute operates in continuous interaction with the academic world as well as with public administrations on topics related to e-government and it is involved in many EU projects related to the justice area (Bo-ECLI, EVIDENCE, CharterClick, e-CODEX) and to ICT & privacy field (MAPPING, RESPECT..). ITTIG’s priorities are:

  • study and development of technologies for law and the public administration
  • production and distribution of legal databases and study of the strategies for promoting free access to law
  • analysis of the quality of legal texts and investigation on legal language in the prospective of historical study as well as of computational processing
  • implementation of e-justice services and tools
  • research on Internet regulation and so-called digital rights